Construction Poole

Construction Work Poole

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Construction Work for Every Aspect of Your Poole Building Project

Highfield Construction offers a full remit of construction work services to our Poole customers. We will be with you every step of the way, from initial design through to maintenance of your building.

Our services receive kind regards, which our Checkatrade reviews show just from how happy previous customers have been with our work.

If you are looking for a new build, refurbishment or upgrade of your commercial property in Poole, we are here to help. We have the resources, knowledge and experience to take on any project from property extensions through to large property developments.

Find out more about what we can offer in our guide to construction work in Poole.

Construction Work Poole

Project Managed Construction Work in Poole

At Highfield Construction, we pride ourselves on quality, standards which we meet by being able to provide a project manager to our commercial clients.

A dedicated project manager will coordinate construction work who specialises in the type of build project that you have.

They will go through the architect plans with you, ensuring they meet your requirements and are the exact design that you want.

Your project manager will assemble the team of workers required for your construction work, ensuring that there is the perfect mix of skills and experience.

They will be on hand throughout the build to make sure that everything runs smoothly, helping you to obtain planning permission, ensuring that you have the right suppliers and that materials arrive promptly and in the right amounts, as well as quality control of the build.

Your project manager will ensure that every aspect of your construction work meets the requirements of Building Regulations so it can be signed off when complete.

Complete Construction Work Services from Start to Finish

Highfield Construction offers a full service, meaning that we can deal with every aspect of your construction work project.

We have designers available and a select few architects that we know and trust to start the process of your construction work. Our builders and tradespeople are hard working and committed to quality and exceptional standards.

We can even offer a full interior design service so that the inside of your new commercial property reflects your corporate image and will appeal to your customers.

Every detail of your construction work in Poole is taken care of by Highfield Construction.

Construction Work Poole

State of the Art Construction Work in Poole

We like to ensure that our construction work does not get complacent and meets the highest standards, and our commitment to quality means that we strive for the highest standards.

With our construction work, you will benefit from precision and professionalism, as we use the very latest construction technology to achieve our exacting standards.

At Highfield Construction, we want every project, no matter how big or small, to represent our company. Every project we work on will be completed to the standards set by Building Regulations and to our strict health and safety practices, giving you complete peace of mind.

Ongoing Construction Work – Maintaining Your Property

Our work is not only for the initial build of your commercial property, but you can also come to us for maintenance, to keep your building in the best shape.

We can offer refurbishments and repairs, as well as painting and decorating services, keeping your commercial building safe and fresh.

It’s important that your customers receive a professional welcome, so our property maintenance services are just one of many services we offer to our Poole clients.

construction work Poole

A Range of Construction Work Services in Poole

Our construction work service in Poole are extensive, covering every aspect of your building, from initial plans through to ongoing maintenance. We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure you get an exceptional experience and property that makes you proud.

Work includes refurbishment of buildings, and alterations, such as extensions and internal reassignment.

We offer a range of maintenance and turn key options to keep your property in the best possible condition.

Our expert team put in the work to finish your new build projects in their entirety. We work with highly regarded and skilled electricians and plumbers, groundworks and roofing experts as well as painters and decorators.

Our project manager will oversee it all, helping your building project to run as smoothly as possible.

Construction Work Prices in Poole

Our team are on hand to discuss any construction work that you may need in Poole. Simply get in touch and we will give you all the advice and guidance you need for your commercial build project.

Our construction work prices in Poole are incredible, giving you excellent value for money, so speak to us today, and see how cost-effective your commercial build could be.

Construction Work Dorset

Construction Work Dorset

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Quality Construction Work in Dorset

Highfield Construction is renowned for quality construction work throughout Dorset. We offer commercial construction and building services to clients in the area, and are held in high regard for the standards we achieve.

Construction work can be on any scale, from small commercial buildings through to large development projects. Our team has the expertise and experience, as well as the resources, to offer construction work for any project.

We can provide a full remit of construction work services in Dorset, from design through to management.

Our teams are on hand every step of the way, ensuring your building project runs smoothly and achieves the finish that you require.

Read on to find out more about our construction work in Dorset.

construction work Dorset

Construction Work with a Full Design and Build Service

One of the benefits of choosing Highfield Construction for your construction work in Dorset is the full service that we offer.

We can help you with the design of your building project, from initial plans through to the finished blueprint. Our team of experts is on hand to consider every detail.

We will be on hand right through to the final stages, and can even offer interior design services, ensuring that the look of the finished project is just right for the customer and your expectations.

Our construction services include the management of the project too, and our contacts with local suppliers ensure you will benefit from a cost-effective project.

Management of Construction Work in Dorset

We understand how important it is that your construction work runs on time and a budget, and so we can provide management for your building project to keep things in order.

They will liaise with the local authority, architects and suppliers to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Our team can help with gaining planning permission, and they will discuss your architectural plans with you, ensuring they meet your every need.

A team of expert artisans complete your construction work to offer the best and most efficient mix of skills and knowledge.

You can expect your building project to be overseen by us for quality control too, ensuring that every aspect is to the very high standards of Highfield Construction.

construction work Dorset

Construction Work to Meet the Highest Standards

Highfield Construction is determined to ensure every building project meets the highest standards. Whether your construction work is small property extension, or build from the ground up, we will make sure it is exceptional.

We use the very latest construction technology to ensure precision and quality in our work in Dorset, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our teams are professional and trained in the most up to date building practices so that you can count on your project meeting all Building Regulations requirements and health and safety standards.

Ongoing Construction Work – Maintaining Your Property

Our development can continue long after the initial build. We offer an outstanding maintenance service to ensure your commercial property continues to reflect the quality and personality that you want it to.

Property maintenance includes painting and decorating, repairs and refurbishment, ensuring that you get the most out of your commercial property.

We are experts in achieving a professional finish that really represents the personality and core values of your company.

Construction Work Dorset

Construction Work Services in Dorset

We offer you so many options throughout Dorset, as we are a one-stop shop for all your construction needs. Our services are here to help you achieve the commercial property you need to reflect your business.

We offer a range of refurbishment options, and alterations, such as extensions and internal reassignment.

You can have one off, or ongoing maintenance for your commercial property, keeping it up to standard and ensuring it adheres to health and safety requirements.

We can work with you on new build properties, from design through to finish. We have a team of electricians and plumbers, groundworks and roofing experts as well as painters and decorators. Your commercial construction project can be completed by our experts and all managed by us too.

Construction Work Prices in Dorset

We would love to discuss your construction work needs in Dorset and provide you with a quote for the work it entails.

Get in touch with our highly trained team, and we will listen to your plans and give you more information on the construction work services that we offer in Dorset.

Construction Work Bournemouth

Construction Work Bournemouth

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High Quality Construction Work in Bournemouth

If you are looking to build a new home, or even refurbish an older property, then Highfield Construction are here to help.

Our construction work in Bournemouth meets the highest standards, and every detail is taken into consideration, from start to finish.

We employ experts in the construction industry who are passionate about their work, and are on hand every step of your building project to ensure you are happy with the work.

Our guide to construction work in Bournemouth has been written to give you insight into what you can expect from Highfield Construction for your project.

A Range of Projects Undertaken with Construction Work in Bournemouth

Construction work in Bournemouth does not only mean building new homes, we offer many services to meet all your building project needs.

We can offer refurbishment of old or damaged properties, bringing them back to their former glory. Perhaps you are in need of alterations or an extension, to help your home or business premises reach its full potential.

We can maintain your property, keeping it in the best condition and protecting it from the elements.

With Highfield Construction, we will help you with every aspect of construction work, right down to the electrics, plumbing, roofing, groundworks and painting and decorating.

Our construction work in Bournemouth covers everything, from expertly crafted new builds through to property renovations.

construction work bournemouth

Construction Works from Start to Finish

Here at Highfield Construction, we are proud of every project we undertake and want it to be completed to the very highest specifications.

Our construction work incorporates every aspect that you need it to, from the laying of the foundations through to the interior design.

We will work with you, listening to your ideas and your hopes for your finished property, and ensure that your needs are met.

In addition to this, we are well versed in working alongside architects, councils and suppliers, ensuring that every aspect of the project runs smoothly.

Our management team are on hand to keep your build on track from start to finish.

Commercial Construction Work in Bournemouth

Our services are available to homeowners, property developers, housing associations and commercial companies.

We can work on small scale projects to complex and large developments, meeting your every requirement.

Our commercial construction work in Bournemouth is a great option for developing your business premises. Whether you need more space, or a more appealing frontage, we can help.

We can even complete interior décor to suit your tastes and we offer a turn-key maintenance service for when you require ongoing building support.

Construction work Bournemouth

Keeping Your Construction Work on Track

Our construction work in Bournemouth is overseen by our excellent management team, who can keep any projects, large or small, on time and on budget.

We only work with expert tradesmen who are passionate about their work as well as exceptionally skilled, this helps us to achieve your timetable goals and gives you confidence in the quality of the build.

With Highfield Construction, our team are on hand every step of the way, making sure that your construction work meets Building Regulations requirements and that of the local authorities.

You will be assigned a project manager who will be on hand to help you and keep you updated throughout the build. They will discuss the architectural plans with you, help you to obtain relevant planning permission and they will assemble the right team with the perfect mix of skills.

Your project manager will be responsible for maintaining quality control too, so you can be sure that the entire building project is fully overseen.

construction work Bournemouth

Fully Accredited Construction Work in Bournemouth

One of the many benefits of choosing Highfield Construction for your construction work in Bournemouth is that our services are fully accredited.

We are members of the Federation of Small Businesses and the Federation of Builders to give you assurance in the quality of our work and the expertise of our tradesmen.

In addition to this, we are members of Checkatrade so that our future clients can view the honest feedback of our past customers.

We keep our business transparent so that you can see for yourself why we are such a highly regarded construction company and why our services are so popular.

Find Out More

Our construction work in Bournemouth is the ideal solution for creating a stress-free and smooth build project. No matter how large or small your development is, we are here to help.

Simply get in touch with our friendly team and talk to us about your proposed construction work. Our excellent customer services are here to help you from start to finish.

Construction Work Ringwood

Construction Work Ringwood

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Experts in Construction Work, Ringwood

Whether you are in need of commercial construction, or a build project for your own home, Highfield Construction are here to help.

We are experts in the construction industry, with an experienced in-house team, we can work with you on your building project from start to finish.

Our teams are experts in their fields, ensuring that when you choose Highfield Construction for your construction work in Ringwood, you will benefit from knowledge and skill, as well as a passion for quality in construction.

Our guide to construction work in Ringwood has been written to give you an idea of the benefits in choosing Highfield Construction. Read on to find out more, or get in touch for a chat with our team about your building project.

Unrivalled Expertise In-House for Quality Construction Work in Ringwood

Highfield Construction are experts in all aspects of building work. We are here for you from start to finish, ensuring that your construction work runs smoothly and efficiently, and that you benefit from the best experience possible.

Start by working with our in-house architectural design team to create the perfect new build home, commercial building or property development.

We can offer refurbishment of old or damaged properties, bringing them back to life. Or if you need additional space in your home or business premises, we can provide well thought out alterations and extensions.

Our construction work services also include a maintenance option, so that you can keep your property in great condition.

Our teams consist of experts in all aspects of construction work, including electrics, plumbing, roofing, groundworks, painting and decorating.

Support Throughout Your Build with Construction Works from Highfield

Our team will work with you to create the perfect property whether you are a homeowner, commercial venture or property developer.

We will listen to your ideas, help you to realise your goals, and be there throughout the construction work with support and guidance.

At Highfield Construction, we have our own architectural design team, or we can work with the plans you provide. We have extensive experience in working with architects and local authorities to ensure every aspect of your project is as it should be.

We even have access to a number of suppliers, who are trusted by us and offer great prices and fast delivery, to meet your needs.

construction work ringwood

Construction Work for Every Customer in Ringwood

Our construction work is accessible to homeowners, property developers, housing associations, and commercial companies.

Highfield Construction are experienced in working with small building projects to large scale construction tasks.

We offer commercial construction work to help our customers develop their business premises. You can benefit from additional space, a more complementary interior décor or refurbishment of tired and dated venues. Any construction works that you require, our team will be able to help.

We even offer a turn-key maintenance service for when you require ongoing building support.

Managed Construction Work in Ringwood

Whether your building project is large or small, keeping it on time and on budget is a vital aspect of the construction work.

With Highfield Construction, you will be assigned a project manager who will keep you up to date on every aspect of the build’s progress. They will be with you from the very start, discussing the architectural plans, helping you to obtain relevant planning permission and assembling the perfect team of skilled workmen for your project.

We only work with expert tradesmen in our construction work, ensuring that you benefit from a quality build that meets the most impressive standards. Working with highly skilled tradesmen helps to keep your project on track.

Your project manager will be responsible for maintaining quality control and making sure that your construction work meets Building Regulations and local authority requirements.

construction work ringwood

Fully Accredited Construction Work in Ringwood

Highfield Construction are fully accredited, making us the ideal choice for your construction work.

We are members of the Federation of Small Businesses and the Federation of Builders to give you assurance in the quality of our work and the expertise of our tradesmen.

We are also members of Checkatrade enabling you to see the honest and truthful reviews of our previous customers, giving you confidence in our services.

Get Started with Construction Works in Ringwood

Highfield Construction aim to provide a smoothly run and stress-free construction works experience for our Ringwood clients, enabling them to relax, knowing that we are in control.

If you would like to find out more, contact us and our team will discuss your proposed construction work, giving you all the help you need to get your Ringwood building project started.

Construction Work Dorset

New Builds Poole

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New Build Properties of the Highest Standards in Poole

New builds are the ideal choice for modern living in Poole. Not only can you create the perfect home to work for you, but it is also very often much more cost effective than buying a ready-built property.

Highfield are a highly regarded construction company and our new build services in Poole are available for commercial customers as well as families and individuals looking to create their dream home.

We offer a personal service from start to finish, ensuring that your new builds are the perfect match for your vision.

Take a look at the new builds process and how Highfield can help you every step of the way.

New Builds – The Design Stage

New builds start with taking your vision of your perfect property in Poole and turning it into a plan. Our designers will work with you to help you make the most of the land you have available. Once you have architectural plans, we will then help you with applying for planning permission for your new build property.

New builds are great for when you want to create a home that truly reflects who you are and your way of living. Our designers will listen to your dreams and ideas and help you to begin turning them into a reality.New Build Poole

Structural Work for New Builds

Our team are new build experts and cover every aspect of the building process for your Poole property. The first stage of this, is to undertake the structural work.

This means creating the foundations, and building the walls of the property. Our experienced bricklayers work quickly and efficiently, so that in no time at all, the roof will be going on and your new builds will be weathertight.

New builds can take many months, but our team will work incredibly hard to keep your project in Poole on time and on budget.

Second Step for Your New Builds

Once the structure is in place, it’s time for the first fix. A new build must be watertight before this stage, so we will ensure that there are no leaks or water ingress anywhere before we commit to the first fix.

At this stage of the process, we will undertake the work to install plumbing, electrics, carpentry and staircases and put in place the internal ceilings and walls.

Our new builds stick meticulously to the design provided, and so you can be confident that every last detail and every room in your new Poole property is exactly the size and shape that you wanted.

We will then put the plasterboard in place before moving onto the second fix.New Builds Poole

Getting the Details Right – New Builds and the Second Fix

New builds need to be exactly how you want them, and so on the second fix, we will install the sanitary wear, taps and all the other details that you have chosen to create your perfect finish.

We will complete the decoration and the tiling to the very best standards, so that when you do eventually move into your new home, it is absolutely perfect in every possible way. Even the architraves, skirting and doors will be the ones that you have specified.

Completing the Outside

Our new build construction doesn’t just mean we build a house and hand it over to you. We are perfectionists, and so we undertake every aspect of new builds in Poole so that when we hand you the keys, all you have to do is move in.

Our external works on new builds includes the rendering of the external walls, the garden, patio and fencing and anything else that is needed to make your new build ready and waiting for new owners.

Final Stage – Completing New Builds

The final stage of your new build project is where we install and finish off all the details. We will fit your new kitchen, and any floor tiles. We will install the last of the plumbing, electricals and carpentry. We will finish off the decoration, ensuring it is flawless.

Once all this is completed, all of our projects are inspected by the site manager, and then we make a final customer care inspection and clean all through the property before handing over the keys for you to enjoy your new Poole home.New Builds Poole

Quality New Builds

Throughout this process, our new builds are regularly monitored and checked to ensure they completely adhere to building regulations and that they are constructed to the very highest standards.

You can be confident that our new builds are fully inspected and assessed, so you will have no problems in years to come.

New Builds Prices, Poole

Get in touch and our team will help you begin your home improvement journey in Poole. We will happily answer any questions you may have and discuss your ideas before arranging a visit with you for more detailed design talks.

Construction Work Ringwood

Property Renovations Bournemouth

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Upgrade Your Bournemouth Home with our Property Renovations

Property renovations are the perfect home improvement for Bournemouth customers who have a house they love, but it no longer meets their needs.

Perhaps you need to create more room, perhaps you need to switch rooms around to make them work better for you, or perhaps you have a property that is tired and dated and needs a complete overhaul.

Whatever the reason, Highfield is here to help. We specialise in renovations throughout Bournemouth and our services come highly recommended from our past clients.

Our guide to property renovations in Bournemouth is here to give you inspiration and ideas for how you can upgrade your home, so read on to find out more.Property Renovations Bournemouth

Property Renovations – The Cost Effective Option

Property renovations are the best option for when your Bournemouth home no longer meets your needs or suits your lifestyle. Doing up your own home is far more cost effective than buying a new house, and it means that you can stay in the area you love and the house you adore.

Our property renovations could even add value to your Bournemouth home, enhancing its performance and appearance, and creating much needed extra space.

There is no need for the expense, disruption and time consuming effort involved in selling your home and buying a new one, simply adapt your home to suit your needs with property renovations!

Property Renovations with No Limits

Nothing is impossible with our property renovations. We offer Bournemouth homeowners a full range of services, helping you through your home enhancements from start to finish.

Our renovations are completed to the highest standards, and where necessary, we get them signed off by Building Regulations too, so you have complete confidence in the quality of our work.

Take a look at the property renovations we can undertake in your Bournemouth home.

·         Removing / remodelling load bearing walls

·         Structural repairs

·         Temporary roof structures and roof repair

·         Replacement and installation of chimneys

·         Internal alterations, extensions and conversions

·         Stripping out

·         Any electrical, plumbing and heating installations

·         Plastering, tiling, painting and decorating

·         Basement workRenovations Bournemouth

Create New Living Space with Our Property Renovations

We can work with you to create a new living space in your home with our property renovations. Whether that is an extension, removal of walls or a conversion of your loft or garage.

Property renovations aren’t simply ‘doing up old houses’, they can be of benefit to new builds and other modern homes in Bournemouth too.

We can refurbish your bathrooms and kitchen, and we can create larger living spaces that are bright and airy, giving you new pleasure in your Bournemouth home. Our property renovations cover all areas of your house, enabling you to fulfil its potential and enhance your lifestyle.

Helping You From Start to Finish – Comprehensive Property Renovations

Our team will listen to your ideas and our designers will work with you to create the perfect improvements for your Bournemouth home. They will offer expert advice and guidance on how best to use the space you have available, and they will come up with creative and innovative solutions to meet your every requirement.

Once we have the design prepared and you are happy with it, we will help with submitting plans to ensure that every aspect of your renovation is approved. Our experienced team will only undertake designs and renovations that meet Buildings Regulations requirements, so you can be rest assured that every aspect of your Bournemouth property renovations meets all necessary standards.

Our builders will then be onsite to start work. They will cause the minimum disruption possible and are fully health and safety trained to ensure your home is a safe environment during works.

They can do anything, from knocking down dividing walls to replacing ceilings, re-plastering walls, re-decorating and even replacing your windows and doors. Whatever you need, Highfield can help.Property Renovation Bournemouth

Completed Property Renovation

Once we have completed your property renovations, we will make sure that you are happy with every detail and there is nothing more that we can do for you.

Our property renovations in Bournemouth are checked and signed off by the local council where needs be, or by us, to make sure that they are completed to the very best standards.

Property Renovations, Bournemouth

If you have ideas, or you simply have questions, we are happy to talk to you about your Bournemouth property renovations. Get in touch using our simple contact form and we will get back to you at a time that suits you.

Here at Highfield, our customers are our priority.

Garage Conversions Dorset

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Adding living space to your Dorset home can be easy and cost effective with a garage conversion. Whether you need a bedroom, dining room, living area, play room, office or any other practical additional room, then garage conversions offer you versatility and style.

Highfield are experts in garage conversions. We have years of experience in all aspects of converting garages across Dorset. Our innovative approach takes you through every step of the process, supporting you and guiding you from day one.

You can count on us to provide a stunning garage alteration, creating a functional room from an unloved space in your Dorset home.

Read on to find out more about the beauty and practicality of a garage conversion in Dorset.

Create Additional Space with a Garage Conversion

Creating additional space in your Dorset home need not be a costly and time-consuming task. Rather than having a traditional brick built extension, you could convert your garage into a usable space.

Many garages are simply not used for the benefit of the home, perhaps you store unwanted items in there, or perhaps you use it for keeping spare appliances that you don’t have room for in the kitchen. It is often an underused and unloved space in your Dorset home, but a garage conversion could change all that.Garage Conversions Dorset

Versatile Living Space

Whatever reason you have for wanting additional space for your Dorset home, a garage conversion is a versatile way of achieving it. Maybe you simply want a utility room, to create space in your kitchen, or perhaps you are in need of an office, a play room or bedroom.

Garage conversions are completed to the highest standards, ensuring that they are insulated and energy efficient, making them a practical room.

You can create a stylish room with very little disruption, our expert teams will seamlessly overhaul your garage so that it becomes a space that you can use all year round.

Garage Conversion Support From Start to Finish

When you choose Highfield for your Dorset garage conversion, you are choosing a highly respected company who are renowned for superb customer service. From start to finish of your garage conversion, we will be on hand, providing clear and open communication and helping you make the right decisions to make the most of your new space.

We provide a project manager who will work with you from your first enquiry through to your finished project. They are there to ensure your conversion is completed smoothly and efficiently. They will discuss architectural plans with you, ensure relevant planning permission is obtained and assemble the right team to complete the project.

Throughout the garage conversion and upon completion, they will ensure that quality control is maintained. You can count on Highfield to offer a high quality garage conversion for your Dorset home that will provide many years of pleasure and practicality.

Garage Too Small?

It really doesn’t matter how large your garage is, we will still be able to create an additional space that maximises its potential.

Your garage may be a single, double or even triple garage, but we will ensure that you have the perfect additional room, designed to meet your needs and achieve the look that you want. We will work with you on the design alongside architects to ensure that every detail is planned.

No matter how large or small your Dorset garage is, we will be able to turn it into a wonderful living space that will enhance your lifestyle and the experience you have of your home.Garage Conversions

Every Garage Conversion Aspect Covered!

With Highfield, we are able to cover every aspect of your Dorset garage conversion. Our expert teams will undertake any building work for walls and ceilings. They will install windows, doors, lighting, heating, plumbing and ventilation.

To ensure that everything is perfect in your finished garage conversion, we can even do the painting and decorating, ensuring you have a truly professional finish and a room that is immediately available for use when we leave your home.

In some cases, planning permission is required for your Dorset garage conversion. If this is so, we can also advise on planning regulations and put you in touch with the relevant local authority.

Garage Conversions, Dorset

If you would like more information on our garage conversions for your Dorset home, then please do get in touch. We have a great team waiting to talk to you and discuss your home improvements. Our garage conversions are a cost effective solution to adding space to your property, so why not see how we can help you expand your Dorset home?

Renovations Dorset

Property Renovations Dorset

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Property Renovations: Fall in Love with Your Dorset Home Again

When you chose your Dorset home, it had many features and quirks that you loved. Our quality property renovations mean you can enhance those details and refresh your whole property.

Highfield are property renovation experts and can create a complete new look for your Dorset property. Whether it is a new build home that just doesn’t quite suit your lifestyle, or a period home in need of a renovation, we can help.

Our quality property renovations will help your home reach its full potential, creating a wonderful living space that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Complete Renovations

We are here for you every step of the way in your Dorset property renovation experience. Right from the start, when you first contact us with your initial ideas, our team will be on hand to support you.

We will guide you through to the design process, supporting you to make the most of your home. After which, we will be on hand during planning too.

Finally, when it comes to construction, we have the expertise and skills to complete the entire renovation project to the very highest standards, including finishing and installation of any appliances.Property Renovations Dorset

Renovations, Extensions, Conversions

Whether your Dorset home needs a complete renovation, taking it back to the bare bones and rebuilding from the ground up, or you require an extension built to create new living space, we can help. Even if you want to develop your Dorset home with a stunning loft or garage conversion.

We are able to undertake a wide variety of renovations in Dorset, including removing or remodeling load bearing walls and providing safe and secure structural repairs. We can install temporary roof structures and provide roof repairs as well as replace and install chimneys.

Our skills in property renovations are not limited to external work, we can also undertake internal alterations, extensions and conversions. Our teams are able to completely strip out your home, which allows them to then install state of the art electrical, plumbing and heating requirements.

To finish of your home, we can even complete your Dorset property renovations with plastering, tiling, painting and decorating. Your entire home will be completely overhauled, and Highfield will be able to complete every aspect of your property renovations.

Every Aspect of Your Home Can Be Renovated

Whether it’s your garage, your loft, or your basement, we can renovate your home in Dorset creating a superb and functional space. In fact, our basement renovations are second to none and will enhance your lifestyle and your experience of your home.

Contact us about how we can turn an unused space in your Dorset property into a fantastic, stunning room that you can enjoy.Property Renovation Dorset

Kitchen and Bathroom Refurbishments

Your property renovation doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. We can also refurbish your kitchen or bathroom, creating a stylish and beautiful space for you to enjoy.

Whether you need to create a modern kitchen with all the latest technology, or even a stunning bathroom where you can relax and recharge, we have an expert team of quality tradespeople who can create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

Our designers will be able to work with you to create a functional room that offers luxury and style to enhance your home.

Cost Effective Property Renovations

One of the most beneficial features of property renovations in Dorset is the superb value for money. Rather than opting to move house because your home no longer meets your needs, an expensive and time-consuming task, you can simply develop the home you love.

Our property renovations can enhance every aspect of your Dorset home, creating a completely new space for you to enjoy. No matter how large or small the property renovation is that you want, it will add value to your home, making it more appealing and aesthetically pleasing as well as adding superb functionality.

Enhance your much loved Dorset home with a stylish and cost effective property renovation!

Building Regulations and Your Dorset Home

We will provide a project manager for your property renovations in Dorset, who will ensure that all planning permission necessary is in place and that all home improvements adhere to the latest Building Regulations.

You can be confident that your property renovations meet the very highest standards and are completely safe and in line with the latest rules and guidelines.Property Renovation Dorset

Property Renovation Prices, Dorset

If you would like to know more about our fantastic property renovations in Dorset, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a great team waiting to talk to you and help you realise your property renovation dreams. They will provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring that you get the best and most up to date information on our cost effective property renovations in Dorset.

Construction Work Dorset

Conversions, Bournemouth

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Conversions, Bournemouth

Transform your home today with our exceptional conversions, we guarantee a service that is efficient, professional and prompt.

Develop Your Home, Enrich Your Lifestyle

Your home in Bournemouth can reach its full potential when you choose to improve it with a quality conversion. Here at Highfield, we create simply stunning loft conversions and garage conversions that provide beautiful additional spaces in your Bournemouth home.

Rather than move from the home that you love, why not create extra space with a superb conversion? You can develop your home and enrich your lifestyle with a wonderful conversion of your spare space.Conversions Bournemouth

Versatile Loft Conversions

Choosing to have your loft converted can create a simply fantastic space that reaches to the width of your property. The possibilities are endless for your loft conversion in Bournemouth. Use it as an office, a bedroom, a living area or something else entirely. The choice is yours.

Every loft conversion is bespoke to the property, however typical conversions include adding dormer or roof windows to create a bright and airy space. You can also choose to have your existing roof replaced with a higher pitched roof so that you are provided with a flexible and practical space.

Delightful Garage Conversions

Your garage may be unloved at this moment, perhaps empty or housing your family’s overflow, but you can turn this seemingly cold and dark space into something beautiful with a garage conversion.

Whether you have a single, double or even triple garage, we have the experience and passion to create a stunning and practical room.

You can use your converted garage in Bournemouth for any number of purposes, including a home office, a bedroom, bathroom, or playroom. In fact, it can be used for virtually any purpose at all.

Bespoke Conversion Designs

When we begin your Bournemouth conversion, one of our designers will work with you, listening to your thoughts and ideas, to create the perfect, bespoke conversion design.

Our designers are complete experts in loft and garage conversions. They understand the complexities of creating a space that looks impressive, yet is also completely functional.

They will include such considerations as insulation, window design and final space. You will be able to talk to them about how you imagine the new space and what you plan to use it for. Every detail you provide will be taken into account when our designers create the perfect conversion design for you.Garage Conversions Bournemouth

Project Management

With any home improvement in Bournemouth, you want a seamless experience, where every aspect runs as smoothly as possible, and this is where Highfield excel.

Of course, as with any home improvement, there may be glitches along the way in your conversion, but we provide project managers to oversee the entire conversion and to deal with such issues. Our project managers know how important good, clear communication is, so they will keep you informed throughout the whole process, as well as answering any queries you may have.

Your dedicated project manager will help and guide you throughout the whole building process. This includes discussing architectural plans and obtaining relevant planning permission. Your project manager will assemble the right team, combining experience and skill, and maintain quality control.

Every Aspect Covered

With Highfield, you won’t need to worry about calling in different tradespeople for different aspects of the project. We cover every detail, all overseen by your own project manager, so that you have a stress-free experience as much as possible.

We will be able to undertake every section of the project, including any building work for walls, ceilings, windows, doors, lighting, heating, plumbing, ventilation, painting and decorating. For your loft conversions, we can also replace your original roof with something more practical.

Stunning Home Improvements, Cost Effective Prices

Choosing to enlarge your home with a conversion is generally more cost effective than extensions, and is certainly better value for money than moving house. You will be able to have stunning home improvements in Bournemouth that enable you to make the most of the home you know and love, while adding value to the property.

We provide each of our clients with a bespoke quote based on their personal design, however, you can get an initial idea of conversion prices by contacting our team. We have a fantastic, friendly team on hand who are knowledgeable about conversions and are ready to talk to you about your property conversion in Bournemouth and what you would like to see.

Contact us today, and start your journey to a more practical and beautiful enlarged home.

Landscaping Poole

Landscaping, Poole

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Landscaping, Poole

We offer outstanding landscaping services to all homeowners throughout Poole. Enjoy home enhancing quality at unbeatable prices. 

Luxurious Driveways for Your Poole Home

Driveways no longer need to be a plain and simple area to park. They can be a beautiful addition to your home that adds curb appeal and value. Your Poole property could be completely transformed with a stylish new driveway.

Highfield offer complete landscaping services, so when we install your driveway, the finished product is a pleasing and attractive entrance to your property.

Find out more about the wonderful driveways and landscaping services we offer to homeowners in Poole below, and gain inspiration for developing the appearance of your property.

Beautiful Solutions

Your garden and driveway can sometimes be neglected when it comes to home improvements. We understand that busy people have busy lives, and the upkeep of your outdoor space is something that often falls by the wayside.

We provide complete landscaping solutions in Poole, designed to create the perfect garden or driveway to meet your needs. Whether you want a natural look that you can maintain effectively, or something more advanced that requires regular upkeep, we will design the perfect space to suit you and your lifestyle.

Our driveways offer style and performance, creating a beautiful frontage to your home. They can be designed to reflect your personal tastes, and create a value-adding element to your Poole property.Landscaping Poole

Landscaping Specialists in Poole

A well designed and installed garden or driveway will enhance every aspect of your Poole property, which is why we employ landscaping specialists at Highfield.

You want a look that is created from scratch to the highest standards, and our expert teams will be able to meet your requirements.

Our builders are here to advise you on the costs, timing, use of materials and other practical considerations, keeping you informed every step of the way.

From the initial consultation, all the way through to the installation of your new driveway or pathway, our team of specialist builders are here to help you. We can provide delightful and creative solutions for patios, terraces and pathways around your property, that truly reflect your tastes and property style.

Incredible Driveways

The driveways we install to homes in Poole are incredible. They are meticulously designed to ensure that they achieve the most stunning appearance. On top of that, the expert team of driveway specialists that we employ will ensure your new driveway is of the highest quality and will last for many years to come.

Our driveways are created using high-quality materials combined with expert installation techniques to ensure that they are durable and robust.

You can choose from either natural stone paving or block paving to create the perfect look for your Poole home.

Natural Stone Paving

For a truly unique look for your driveway, natural stone is the perfect choice. We provide specially selected natural stone that will enhance your outside space, making the most of its aesthetics.

Our simple and beautiful range of natural stone paving is a cost effective driveway solution. It gives you neat and elegant look that is truly bespoke to your home. It is a high-quality material that matches even the most polished products in its performance and beauty.

Our natural stone paving is handcrafted and sourced from around the world so every piece is made with natural variations, making it truly unique in colour and texture.

Block Paving

Block paving is available in a wide range of different colours, sizes and finishes so that you can get the exact look that you dream of. It is a beautiful product that offers design versatility and can add value to your Poole home.

We offer creative block paving designs that feature circles, kerbs and edging. This enables you to have a truly personalised driveway that is completely bespoke. We want you to have the perfect driveway, whether that’s something modern, sleek and stylish or more traditional cosy cobble paving. The choice really is yours!Landscaping Poole

Inspire Yourself!

We have an online brochure which you can use to view our range of paving and driveways. Use it to get inspiration for your home. It’s the perfect way to examine all our landscaping products and see our past designs. You may find something that with a little adaptation, could be your perfect driveway in Poole.

You can always contact us too, and we will be happy to give you our expert advice and guidance. We are proud to offer highly competitive landscaping prices in Poole, so feel free to ask for a guide price for your project. Our team are here to support you in enhancing your home and helping it achieve its full potential.